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Awaken with Natalie

Helping young women move through their rock bottom & learn to love themselves.

Why breathwork?

Get out of your head and into your body & subconscious to rewire limiting beliefs through the power of breathwork.

Move through your anxiety, rock bottom or rut through the healing power of breathwork. Release stored emotions, unblock limiting beliefs and rewire your brain with empowering belief systems. Book a free discovery call with Natalie to learn more about how breathwork can connect your mind, body and soul so that you can step into the highest version of yourself.

What will I experience?

"This was such an incredible way to bring everything to the surface and start to move the energy through my body and release it!"


"This session was so powerful and helped me surface a lot of emotions I'd been resisting and putting to the side. It brought up all of the sensations and feelings at once (emotionally and physically), but I felt safe because you did such a good job explaining that these sensations are normal."


"It was so freeing to feel my emotions and accept them and let them move through me. I feel so so so much lighter now and I cannot wait for the next session and all the ones to come!"


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